Archives: December, 2013

26 Mar
Growing Smarter Material Systems II Symposium (March 26 5:30pm)

Keynotes: Mark Goulthorpe, Decoi Architects and MIT; Jordi Truco, HybridA and ELISAVA Date and time: March 26 5:30pm Venue: Lecture Theatre, Level 3 Design Hub Roundtable panel to include: Professor Calum Drummond, DVC R + I and Vice President RMIT; Rick Sinclair, Forest and Wood Products Australia Professor Mark Burry Chair and MC Funded by

04 Dec
FabPod a finalist in the 2013 Australian Innovation Challenge

The FabPod, a SIAL research project for an acoustically tuned meeting room, has been announced as a finalist in the Manufacturing and High-Tech Design category of this year’s Australian Innovation Challenge. The construction system of the Pod, comprised of 180 geometrically and materially unique ‘cells’, explores the potentials for mass-customised manufacturing to address construction. More