MDIT in BARCELONA: Palo Alto Masterplan studio


Students from RMIT MDIT and Architecture programs are in Barcelona for 2 weeks with Architect and Innovator Adjunct Professor Enric Ruiz Geli and Jane Burry. They are working on ideas for the future masterplan of Palo Alto Foundation with much input and guidance from its founder: renowned designer Javier Mariscal.

The intensive has included introduction to the city, excursions to recently completed Cloud 9 designed house at AiguaBlava, and a tour of the Sagrada Família Basílica with Mark Burry, social interaction with other RMIT student groups at RMIT Europe.

The students have been working offgrid, exploring simple and physical approaches to communicating big ideas. Today the they present their ideas in animation – inspired by the master of the medium himself.




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