09 Dec
MDIT in BARCELONA: Palo Alto Masterplan studio

Students from RMIT MDIT and Architecture programs are in Barcelona for 2 weeks with Architect and Innovator Adjunct Professor Enric Ruiz Geli and Jane Burry. They are working on ideas for the future masterplan of Palo Alto Foundation with much input and guidance from its founder: renowned designer Javier Mariscal. The intensive has included introduction

11 May
MDIT Studio Infra_Place Presentations

The Infra_Place MDIT Designing Information Environments studio have final presentations on May 11th from 1:30 – 4:30. This studio is a collaboration with Public Transport Victoria (PTV), City of Melbourne, Wyndham City – exploring way-finding, digital place-making and the Smart City.

13 Apr
Sensory Detective @SG2016

SIAL PhD candidates Daniel Prohasky and Mehrnoush Latifi with input from Rafael Moya, Chen Cahui and Nancy Cheng (University of Oregon) ran the Sensory Detective Cluster at Hybrid Domains Smartgeometry 2016, Chalmers University, Sweden. 4 – 9 April 2016.

13 Apr
Joint-Part-Freeform @CAADRIA 2016

SIAL PhD candidate Nick Williams worked with visiting keynote Fabian Scheurer and Dharman Gersch to run the Joint- Part- Freeform workshop in the RMIT A + D workshop @ CAADRIA2016 29-30 March 2016

13 Apr
Macroscopes & Microscopes @CAADRIA2016

SIAL PhD candidates and graduate Daniel Prohasky, Mehrnoush Latifi Khorasgani and Rafael Moya ran the Macroscopes and Microscopes workshop at CAADRIA 2016 in SIAL “to convey the excitement of the perception and understanding of climatic phenomena and the design power to change the surrounding microclimate”.  

17 Dec
MDIT Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to our first SIAL Master Design & Technology graduates! The RMIT University ceremony was on the 16th December 2015 at Melbourne’s Etihad stadium. MDIT students at graduation ceremony: Tracey Nyugen, Dr Lawrence Harvey (SIAL), Meng-Chen Lee, and Huanghe Sun.

11 Dec
Sound of Space project – taking soundings at the Sagrada Família Basílica

In the week of 30 November – 4 December, researchers from SIAL assembled with RMIT and University of Melbourne colleagues in Barcelona to take measurements to find out what Gaudí’s basílica sounds like and how that signature is affected by the intersected doubly curved geometries of its interior. On Wednesday 2 December the Sound of

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14 Oct
Agile Opera Screening at Federation Square

As part of the Agile Opera Linkage grant: a public screening of CMO’s Turbulence work on the big screen at Federation Square! On a balmy spring night people gathered in Melbourne to watch & listen to a digital production version of Turbulence. Federation Square are one of the key industry partners on the grant. Agile