Designing the Dynamic


Design the Dynamic Workshop 2011

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Designing the Dynamic brought together architects and other built environment designers with specialists from sail design, sailing, mathematics, engineering, and material science to immerse them in the extreme dynamic context of sailing and sail boat design

In sailboat racing tiny increments in boat performance are critical to the chance of winning. Recorded and tacit knowledge of the experienced sailor are as critical to success as scientific analysis. The fastest route is never the shortest.

Architects, engineers, designers, mathematicians were invited to sharpen their wits together by considering the playoff of hydrofoil and aerofoil, vessel and team behaviour and decision-making.

The aim was to build virtual and physical simulation tools and design prototypes that represented the complex trade offs in ways that supported intuitive design decision-making.


Designing the Dynamic web

High Performance sailing and real time feedback in design

is now available as an edited book / ebook from

Edited by Jane Burry, it features in depth illustrated essays about dynamics in sailing design and architectural design modelling by:
Mark Burry, Andre Chazar, Yan Ding, Jessica Dunn, Peter Felicetti, Nick Flutter, Dominik Holzer, Kristoffer Josefsson, Axel Kilian, Tom Kvan, Asha Rao, and Malte Wagenfeld,
Image essays and shorter reflections by:
Tim Black BKK, John Frazer, Tim Daddo, Brad and Barry Marmion.
It also has the illustrated back stories to the research in the workshops by:
Suleiman Alhadidi, Guillermo Aranda-Mena, Sascha Bohnenberger, Jane Burry, Daniel Davis, Chin Koi Khoo, Alex Pena de Leon, Rafael Moya Castro, Flora Salim and Mani Williams.

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