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RMIT Adjunct Professors working with SIAL/MDIT

Anton Hasell

Australian Bell

Carlo Ratti

Senseable City Lab

Enric Ruiz Geli


Jeff Malpas



Current Doctoral Candidates

Craig DouglasThe agency of making as a design approach

Daniel ProhaskyOn the human perception of the dynamics of air

David Pledger – Wall of Noise Web of Silence

Jeffrey HannamJourney for the ear; exploring the aural experience for pedestrians

Jeremy HamImprovisation in Musico-Spatial Creative Practice

Jim BarbourExploring Height in Acoustic Space

Kristof CrollaBuilding Simplexity

Mani WilliamsCollaborative interactions: data collection, modelling and analysis

Manuel MuehlbauerInteractive multi-criteria optimization

Max Marschall – Drones

Mehrnoosh Latifi KhorasganiSkin Patterning in Architecture: Towards morphing microclimate through surface articulation

Nicholas WilliamsPlatforms and Prototypes: Recasting Modularity for Architects

Paul LohMachining Aesthetics; formation of craft in computational design and digital manufacturing

Philip BeleskyTesting Terrain: developing computational techniques for designing landscape systems

Sam McgilpSpace and intimacy: towards a new digital platform of opera documentation


Completed PhD submissions – access as PDF via links below

Alexander Pena de LeonSeparation of Concerns: strategies for complex parametric design modelling

Andrew MaherDesigning the design: establishing boundary conditions for designing parametrically

Anthony McInnenyLatent space. Temporary art and suburban public space

Antony PelosiDistance: a framework for improving spatial cognition within digital architectural models

Chelle Macnaughtan[De]bordering indeterminacy between architecture and music

Chin Khoi KhooMorphing architecture with responsive material systems

Corneel CannaertsNegotiating agency: computation and digital fabrication as design media

Daniel DavisModelled on software engineering: flexible parametric models in the practice of architecture

Daniel St ClairEars in motion: designing a toolkit for the sounds of sport

Daryl BuckleyFrom body schema to score: creating spatial grammars in contemporary electric guitar practice

Dominik HolzerSense-making across collaborating disciplines in the early stages of architectural design

Drew WilliamsonCommunicating cost: challenging cost barriers to innovation in architecture

Elif KendirLearning from the construction site: an epistemological investigation of stonemasons and architects in action

Helen DilkesNon-Euclidean transformations: multiplicity in a contemporary art jewellery practice

James GardinerExploring the Emerging Design Territory of Construction 3D Printing – Project Led Architectural Research

Jerome FrumarComputation and material practice in architecture: intersecting intention and execution during design development

Jordan LaceyRupturing urban sound(scape)s: spatial sound design for the diversification of affective sonic ecologies

Kamil SharaidinKinetic facades: towards design for environmental performance

Lawrence HarveyThe auditory centre : research and design of acoustic environments and spatial sound projects

Malte WagenfeldAesthetics of air

Marcus WhiteInforming an integrated and sustainable urbanism through rapid, defragmented analysis and design

Martina MrongoviusThe emergent holographic scene : compositions of movement and affect using multiplexed holographic images

Matthias (Hank) HaeuslerSpatial dynamic media system – amalgam of form and image through use of a 3D light-point matrix to deliver a content-driven zone in real-time

Michael HewesConducting space: An analysis-based approach to spatial sound design in contemporary chamber music performance

Mike HornblowSponging the Chair: Diagramming Affect through Architecture and Performance

Naman Pankaj ThakarA design-led investigation of augmented reality: a case of AR for board games

Nicholas MurraySound and space: an architect‘s investigation

Paul NicholasApproaches to interdependency: early design exploration across architectural and engineering domains

Peta CarlinOn Semperian Surfaces: Interweavings between the Mid-Twentieth Century Curtain Wall and Harris Tweed, a Study Mediated by Photography, maybe?

Rafael Moya CastroWind analysis in the early design stage: an empirical study of wind visualisation techniques for architects

Rory HydePunching above your weight: digital tools, design strategies and organisational structures for expanding design in small practice

Sascha BohnenbergerMaterial exploration and engagement: Strategies for investigating how multifunctional materials can be used as design drivers in architecture

Thomas FischerDesigning (tools (for designing (tools for …))))

Tim SchorkTransformations: a project-based investigation into the impact of creative design computation on architectural practice

Timothy JachnaApproaches to the mediated city


Completed Masters by Research

Adam YeeDesigning an orrery of the universe: the creation of new chamber music through algorithmic composition

Craig Douglasre:Making : making as a continual remaking of space

Derek ThompsonTranscribing Representational Sound-Space In Transitional Architecture

Elizabeth (Boo) ChapplePerforming the Art of Life: Four projects

Emre OzyetisRe-visiting the political context of Manfredo Tafuri’s Toward a critique of architectural ideology: ‘having corpses in our mouths’

Frank FelthamSonic blocks : towards an exploratory and expressive tangible interaction

Jeffrey HannamHomogeneity and Heterogeneity: two approaches for designing spatial sound

Jeremy YuilleSonic Collaborative Design, frameworks for designing interactive sound environments

Leah HeissEmpathy and the space between: investigating the role of digitally enhanced apparel in promoting remote empathetic connection

Romaine LogereThrough a glass darkly: reflections on the affectivity of mirrored composition

Sam SteedmanChange and growth of Australian music value chains

Scott BrewerThe Modular Garden: towards real-time synthesis of Japanese garden soundscapes

Winnie HaWhite froth: palpitating body, sounding dress


MDIT Alumni

Graduates of the Master Design Innovation and Technology
Li Binhui
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Yu Xinzhi
Ericka Sejati
Heena Sayli
Romina Adriazola Huerta
Olusola Akinola
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Chai Shuo
Zita Ultmann
Laura Dal Pozzo
Chen Duanghi Zhuo
Li Yang
Varsha Ramaprasad
Allen Renwang Zhang
Laura Blue
Ruby Bo Yiu Green Innovator Award

Xilei Long
Wan Fen Tan
Dingding Tian
Dejun Xiang

Meng-Chen Lee
Tracey Nguyen
Joshua Salisbury-Carter
Huanghe Sun
Prachi Lai


Post Graduate Alumni

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