2015 Designing Information Environments

Future Markets

How can universal design, the Internet of Things, and urban market activities generate novel information design strategies for the Queen Victoria Markets (QVM)? This question was explored through 3 main areas of design inquiry: engaging the QVM strategic plan, improving visitor experience, and integrating internet enabled technologies. Participates in the studio first developed interactive maps of market trading – pricing favourite fruits & vegetables across the site – then in groups developed projects to imagine speculative information scenarios for how design & technology could improve a future QVM experience – wayfinding jewellery, socially networked umbrellas, moveable information kiosks etc – all documented in a series of short films.

Taught by:
Studio Leader Greg More with Ed Carter
With lectures and tours by City Lab – City of Melbourne, and Queen Victoria Markets management

Working with Matt Willcox (City Lab, City of Melbourne), and QVM (right: Tour of Markets)