2015 Designing Responsive and Adaptive Environments


This studio engages with human experience beyond the visual. The students work with the atmosphere as a component material to find ways to both simulate and observe its behavior to provide continual feedback into the design process. They challenge concepts such as wall, window, verandah, and wind break and treat the process as the design of an atmosphere or condition through the manipulation of the solid matter of its envelope: sculpting the flow of air, light, or heat.

Initially individually, and subsequently in eight groups, the goal was the design of a skin or membrane system that demonstrably interacts with changing atmospheric conditions and in order to alter or modulate them.

Studio Leader Jane Burry with Mehrnoush Latifi, Rafael Moya Castro and Daniel Prohasky
External lectures: Dr Malte Wagenfeld, Prof Simon Watkins, Dr Flora Salim. Simon Dick, Woods Bagot.