2015 Digital Fabrication, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing


This studio combined designing with sound, prototyping at full scale and travel to Beijing to see examples of radical built work made possible through digital fabrication. The students developed concepts for installations and architecture that respond to or generate sound. From the outset they were tasked with ultimately being prepared to construct their proposal, or a part of it, at full scale. They were asked to be very clear about the site or context and their goals: whether their proposal was to block or reduce sound transmission for privacy, to generate sounds, to diffuse or amplify, educate, or simply respond to or interact with sound. Initial design work took place in a two week intensive with architecture students in Tsinghua University.

Jane Burry with Part I (Intensive in Beijing) Hugo Mulder and Pantea Alambeigi in collaboration with Prof Xu Weiguo, Dr Huang Weixin, Lu Shuai and Pengyu Zhang and architecture students of Tsinghua University. Part II (Full scale fabrication) Led by Ronnie Lacham and Chen Cahui.