Sound of Space project – taking soundings at the Sagrada Família Basílica

In the week of 30 November – 4 December, researchers from SIAL assembled with RMIT and University of Melbourne colleagues in Barcelona to take measurements to find out what Gaudí’s basílica sounds like and how that signature is affected by the intersected doubly curved geometries of its interior.


On Wednesday 2 December the Sound of Space Symposium at RMIT Europe and the BSF brought together RMIT researchers with colleagues from University of Salford, University of Toronto, WEworks

Dr Jane Burry, Pantea Alambeigi, Prof Xiaojun Qiu, Sipei Zhou
University of Melbourne:
Prof Mark Burry, Andrew Miller, Michael Wilson
Salford University:
Prof Trevor Cox
University of Toronto:
Dr Brady Peters
Weworks, NY:
Dr Daniel Davis

RMIT Europe organisation: Patricia Lora Febrera + colleagues

The Sound of Space is an ARC Linkage Project with partners Haworth and Sagrada Família Basílica

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